Viral Video Of Little Girl Feeding Dog With Hands Is The Best Thing You’ll See On Internet Today

The video showing a girl feeding her dog went viral.


  • A little girl fed German Shephard dog with her own hands.
  • The video went viral on the internet.
  • Watch the adorable video here.

Food tastes better when served with love. Sprinkled with a dash of warmth and garnished with oodles of love, is the best meal ever. How our parents fed us, sometimes with their own hands, remains in our mind as the most cherished memories. The same family bond can extend to the pets as well. This is what we witnesses in an adorable viral video of a little girl feeding her pet dog with her own hands, probably after learning from her parents, and knowing how food is enjoyed best. 

The video shows the girl sitting next to her German Shepherd dog and offering food from a big bowl of dog meal out of her hands, which the pet earnestly accepts. The heart-warming video was shared on ‘Street Dogs of Bombay’ Instagram page and clocked in close to 40,000 views and more than 300 comments at the time of filing this story. 

Watch the viral video – 

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The post was captioned with – “The upcoming generations are the future, if we teach them kindness, compassion and empathy for animals we would certainly control any animal abuse ahead. The basic we can try to teach children is to feed animals and try to make them communicate with them. Adding on, children can learn values of responsibility, love and caring.”

The video of dog eating from the hands of the little girl melted many hearts and awe-struck comments poured in. One user wrote, “Baby feeding a baby”, another one commented “No number of heart emojis or words can match this feeling.” Many other comments like “Best post I have seen today” and “How heart-bursting-ly cute is this” flooded the comments section. 

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